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The Godstone War is over, but the repercussions can still be felt throughout all of Galawi, reality itself scarred from the terrible powers unleashed. The land itself has changed, seas moved and great chasms opening to the darkness below. Even the great Dragons retreated never to be seen again, or so some say. Cataclysm seemed to engulf the world, but its time has passed.

The memory is still fresh in the minds of the Peoples, even to those who remember the first Great Cataclysm, so much like this one. History is being written over once more. There are those who claim to know the real history of the lands, the Speakers, travelling the lands from their home in the region of Caladom. Yet, theirs is not the only version of history; cults and religions and warlords begin appearing all over the world.

It should be a time of peace for Galawi, the world scarred, but renewed. Instead it is a time of chaos. Survival has become a daily struggle and, though there are oasises of safety, danger and darkness are striving to consume the world.

Some say the darkness is just imagined; a symptom of weak minds, to just stand tall and be strong. They shout out their message and walk the path of strength, beating down those who oppose them. Others say it is real and it has a source. When they speak of such things it is in a whisper. It comes from the north, they breathe, quiet and with darting looks, afraid of being overheard.

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